People Power
A short manifesto about activating human energy. Sometimes not being together can really show the power of collective effort and momentum.
In a brave new world may we cherish empowering, exciting, and creative moments together that achieve great things.
We call that People Power, and it rests on 7 Principles.

1. No spectators.

If you’re not invited to actively participate – ask to watch the video later.

2. Engagement is expensive.

To create processes, spaces, and sessions where people actually join in takes preparation and imagination and time.

3. Disengagement is more expensive.

Even of you can’t express it like that in the moment, being a passive observer while others make things and figure things out will leave you feeling bad and demotivated.

4. Virtual is not an excuse for lazy.

There are amazing virtual collaboration tools & spaces being created each day, webinars are for lazy folks.

5. It won’t be perfect.

If you let folks struggle and create together and if you constantly try to create better processes and experiences it will be messy and sometimes fail, but if you don’t try, you’re a coward.

6. It will be perfect.

In fact, it will be so much richer, moving, inspirational and beautiful because you’ve made it happen right there together.

7. You must start at the beginning.

People don’t change their minds and behaviors because you tell them to. You figured it out, let them figure it out too!